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Dima Ahmad Interiors is a boutique studio offering interior design and decorating services to luxury residences. Tending to clients both West of Toronto and Internationally.

The mission in our studio is to provide thoughtfully crafted interiors through a friendly and collaborative experience via the talents and passions of our staff, trades, suppliers and our accomplished clients. All engaged to produce the unique aesthetic knows as Dima Ahmad Interiors. Classically Layered and Beautifully refined. These spaces are authentically made for our clients produced via our brand.

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Dima Ahmad, who passionately thinks, lives and breaths design founded Dima Ahmad Interiors. With a flare for elegance and luxury, she accentuates each interior of hers, mixing both high luxury and sensible finishes to create a style as unique as her persona.

By fixating on high quality designs, she is recognized for her keen eye for beauty and precision in organization amongst trades, suppliers and industry colleagues.

As an interior decorator and creative mind with passion for design, fashion, beauty and lifestyle, Dima continuously travels and shares her personal inspirational experiences with her audience, painting a picture of elegant moments that translate to what an experience with her and her team would look like.

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