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Make The Most Of Your Bathroom’s Shower Curtain

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July 20, 2020

We all know there are certain bathrooms that we invest in—our ensuites are usually a top priority and the powder room used by guests, of course. Then there are the bathrooms that get left behind and forgotten—the kids' bathroom and the basement bathroom often fall by the wayside.

There are a few small tweaks that you make to a bathroom that will help you make the space feel more complete. It all comes down to the one focal accessory so many of us choose to ignore—the shower curtain.

I see so many people buy a generic shower curtain. Maybe it has a nice colour or a fun print but really it’s just your standard plastic shower curtain. You can level up the entire room by investing in a nice shower curtain instead of buying a typical generic one.

These 4 tips will help you bring style to an accessory that is often seen as function over form.

Custom Fabric

There is something very chic about a fabric shower curtain—it has weight (literally) and makes an impact in a room. By having a custom fabric shower curtain made, you can ensure that it is a perfect match for your bathroom.

You might be thinking to yourself, “Dima, come on, I’m not going to get a fabric shower curtain. That’s just asking for my floors to get soaked!” Don’t worry, I’ve thought of that!

There are a lot of amazing outdoor, waterproof fabrics that you can choose from, or you can get a clear plastic (generic) shower curtain as a liner to avoid having the water coming into contact with the fabric.

A custom shower curtain will be more expensive up front, but you won’t have to worry about replacing it regularly.

If you are having a custom fabric shower curtain made, you can also add in embellishments to amp up the impact—I personally love the way a pleated shower curtain hangs.

Double Up!

Having a single shower curtain is the standard that most of us have come to expect, but it’s a common misconception that you only need one shower curtain that you pull across your shower.

In reality, having two shower curtains that you pull to the middle is a great way to add style and comfort to your bathroom. Two shower curtains add volume, visual weight, and gives the shower a fuller look.

Because this isn’t what you expect to see when you look at a shower, it also adds an element of unusualness that creates interest in the space.

Accessorize Your Shower Curtain

You can think about your shower curtains the same way you think about drapery and add valances and trims above your shower curtain. This helps to frame your shower and creates an overall elegant effect.

You can also use trim around the edge of your shower curtain. Whether you choose a pattern, solid, or textured fabric, a trim will add in an additional dimension to your shower curtain.

Pull a colour scheme from the fabric you've chosen and have that inspire the palette for the space. From there, add complementary art on the walls to ensure that you level up from the builder basic bathroom.

Take It To The Ceiling

Just like drapery, you need to always hang your shower curtains right to the ceiling. Oftentimes, people hang their shower curtains a few inches below the ceiling—this is a no-go in my books. Take it right to the ceiling and also have your panels go all the way to the floor.

This adds visual height and creates a cleaner sight line in your space.

The Takeaway

You may have never given your shower curtains a second thought—it’s really not something most people think about when they are considering a bathroom redesign or refresh. But I’m hoping that after reading this, your perspective on shower curtains has completely changed.

Even if you choose just one of the tips from my list and apply it to the shower curtain in your bathroom, I promise you’ll notice a difference in how the room looks and feels.

All my best,