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The Appliance Details You Never Thought To Consider

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How much thought did you give to your appliances before purchasing? You may be concerned about a specific feature of a specific appliance, but you most likely don’t think about them from a design perspective—other than making sure they match—or from a practicality function.

Well, I’m here to tell you that your appliances can do so much more for your home than you ever thought they could. If used properly, appliances can make your life easier, they can make your home more beautiful, and they can create a convenience you never knew existed.

Let's get into three things to consider before you make any choices about your next appliances.

Be Methodical

Appliances are essentials in our homes—from refrigerators to ovens, they are used daily. It’s important to think about your needs when you consider what you are looking for in an appliance—how do you entertain, how often do you grocery shop, what other things do you use your appliances for other than their typical use?

If you are a young, growing family, you are going to need more fridge and snack space than a retired couple, for example. And if you are looking for a large fridge, you also have to consider the footprint it takes up in your space.

There are other ways to get the space you need right in your kitchen. Think about having a regular size fridge and finding a way to incorporate a built-in mini fridge into your kitchen. I’ve had clients who have a small fridge added to their kitchen island, or even a sliding fridge drawer into their pantry—it gives them the additional fridge space, without taking up additional floor space.

They also become a great way to keep certain items easily accessible and on hand. Your built-in island fridge becomes the perfect place to keep the kids' snacks or the fridge drawer keeps your pumping supplies at your fingertips.

Think Outside The Kitchen

This might come to you as a surprise, but appliances don’t just belong in the kitchen.

I’m working on a project for a client who is very passionate about her skincare. She currently has a mini-fridge that sits on her countertop in her bathroom for her skincare that needs to be refrigerated—it’s a solution that works but is a bit of an eyesore (not to mention not big enough!).

So, we’re creating a vanity that has a built-in fridge drawer so she can refrigerate her skincare (hey now, no judging, different strokes for different folks!). It’s a simple, elegant solution that really changes the look of a space while keeping convenience top of mind.

This is also a great solution for nursing/pumping/formula feeding new moms who need to be able to access all their essentials late at night—by having a built-in fridge in a bathroom or nursery makes it a lot easier to handle those middle-of-the-night feedings.

You can put appliances anywhere—identify your routines, your lifestyle, and what you are grabbing for during your day. Think of how installing appliances in different areas in your home can streamline these tasks and make your life that much easier.

Make A Statement

There are a lot of options when it comes to appliances. If you are looking to streamline your home, most appliances come panel ready—you can completely camouflage your appliances and keep your kitchen looking sleek.

But, if you don’t want to hide your appliances, you can go the complete opposite direction and use them as a statement piece in your space. They can add to the design elements and layers of your home. Explore the interesting colours, finishes, and styles that are on the market.

The Takeaway

Appliances can be so much more than you ever thought they could be.

Think about your daily life and ask yourself what you can do that might make things a bit easier for you. And then consider if there is a way an appliance could help you reach that goal. The key is to simply approach appliances differently—they can be form, they can be function, they can be style, they can be practicality.

Think outside the refrigerator box!

All my best,