The Experience

It's our passion...

Our partnership with our clients is personal. We make it a part of our practice to really listen because it is our promise and responsibility to deliver the answers and solutions. We serve luxury design and service through our genuine passion for our work. We want you to feel it from our initial meeting right through to reveal day.

We understand this process is at times uncomfortable and disruptive to your home as we make a beautiful shift come together for your lifestyle. This is why it is a part of our practice to have top tier suppliers and trades as part of our talented team.

"Our relationship with our clients is one we value to no end. We are grateful and appreciative that they’ve trusted us with the responsibility of designing the atmosphere where they will go on to live their daily life and create lasting memories."
Dima Ahmad
Principal Decorator

The process for us is exciting and the result always breathtaking. Our goal is to have our client’s feel the same excitements and moments of breathless beauty with us during our time together.

Every project is a gem to us that is hidden in the homes of people who are generous enough to give us a window into their lives.