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This is most definitely NOT your grandmothers wallpaper …

Welcome to Palestine…
December 21, 2017

This most definitely NOT your grandmothers wallpaper . . .

I must admit, I am still taken back when in early conversations in our client interviews while discussing very loosely the elements and scope of the project, after listing wallpaper amongst that list I get “really wallpaper??”

Yes, wallpaper. You heard it correctly.

Wallpaper is still very much an element of interior design. It offers intimacy, texture, layers, and pattern. There is an array of high style/luxury papers we have access to and we promise it is no the wallpaper full of a dozen fruit basket motifs you may remember seeing in your grandparents home and it is certainly not anything you may have been accustom too while watching ‘That 70’s show’.

We are happy to have great standing relationships with suppliers that are constantly providing a wide range of elegant and relevant luxury papers that preform in many rooms.

So yes, wallpaper. Trust us, you’re going to love it.

All my best,