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Why Full-Service Design Is Best For Working Professionals

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June 15, 2020
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June 29, 2020

Let me paint a picture for you...

You’re a working professional, sometimes clocking 12 hour days. You’ve finally come to the realization that your home needs an overhaul. But with your career being a priority, you can’t visualize how you’d possibly be able to work closely with an interior designer and team of contractors to get the work done.

So you decide to wait until you are less busy at work until you have more free time. The project gets pushed a year, and then another, and then another year. You can’t seem to find the time to dedicate to renovating your home so it just never happens.

Or one long weekend, you decide you'll tackle it yourself and when the long weekend ends so does the time and effort you’re able to put towards completing the task.

I’ve had so many clients that have had this exact experience when they finally reach out to me. They are passionate about their careers, usually working on executive teams, and just can’t see how a home renovation or interior design overhaul can fit into their schedules.

It’s a great feeling to be able to tell these clients that they’ve come to the right place!

What Is Full-Service Design?

We offer what is called full-service design—meaning we take care of everything from start to finish. The process captures all elements of design to ensure every detail is developed. Our conceptual design is only the beginning of the project.

When I say everything, I mean everything.

For each room, we create conceptual designs, elevation, cabinetry, and floor pattern drawings, furniture, electrical, and millwork plans, and overall floor plans. Detailed trade specifications packages are developed for all moving parts of the project. We also handle all the material and furniture selections, procurement, and order management.

We also offer phasing on all our projects—the project doesn’t need to happen all at once, but the same process still applies.

All back-and-forth between necessary trades is taken care of by our team. And we ensure the project is completed with professional installation, accessorizing, and styling the rooms.

Clearly, full-service design has a lot of moving parts that need to work in harmony together—a trusted interior design firm is in the unique position of being able to bridge all these elements to ensure a successful collaboration and outcome.

Working Professionals And Full-Service Design: The Perfect Match

As I mentioned before, working with a design firm on a full-service design project means as little disruption as possible to your home and work schedule while your project runs smoothly.

When your schedule is packed with travel, corporate offsites, deadlines, and meetings that can’t be missed, it’s nice to know work on your home renovation project will continue without interruption.

The time commitment needed from the client is not only minimal but it is scheduled ahead of time so clients know well in advance when they will be needed. A timeline is created at the beginning of the project so that clients can see approximately when and where they will be needed for brief meetings and consultations.

The benefits include timely project status updates, the opportunity for free-flowing creativity, and clear processes that allow for peace of mind without allowing the project to become a distraction.

The Takeaway

Don’t put off what can be done today! If you are worried about the time commitment that comes with an interior design or home renovation project, consider a full-service design package. Every single element of the project will be handled so that you can focus your attention where it is most needed.

At Dima Ahmad Interiors, our full-service design allows clients to experience luxury service at its finest. We make every effort to ensure clients are inspired by the process—not intimidated by it—and are able to enjoy the experience.

All my best,